Monday, October 19, 2009

Trade rumors abound

The Patriots just played their best game of the season, but they could be about to undergo some changes.

The trade deadline (Tuesday) is approaching fast, and - don't let yesterday's 59-0 romp over the winless Tennessee Titans fool you - this is a team that can use some personnel adjustments.

For starters, the weak pass rush, lack of a versatile third receiver and the unclear running back scenario have been targets for criticism during the up-and-down start to the Patriots' season.

New England may have heard some of the questioning. Linebacker Tully Banta-Cain was released, linebacker Adalius Thomas was inactive against the Titans, and wide receiver Joey Galloway - surprise, surprise - was also inactive.

What does this mean? Galloway's days have been numbered for the past few weeks, and he could be on his way to Baltimore. Thomas's benching has led way to rumors as well, and Banta-Cain's release opens a roster spot - perhaps for an upgrade to the pass rush.

Remember the Julius Peppers talk? Nothing that drastic may be up Nick Caserio's sleeve, but if the Patriots make a move, it'll be soon.

Stay tuned.